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Ennis Voices For Autism (EVA), and AsIAm

Ennis Voices For Autism (EVA), and AsIAm, (a national autism charity) are hosting an event for young people in Ennis on Thursday 20th & Friday 21st October.

Lots of young people in this community, just like every other, have Autism. Being a young person can be tough - finding your feet, doing exams, making friends or starting relationships, going to college or getting your first job. For those of us with Autism all this change can bring particular challenges.

Autism is an invisible condition. Despite needing to do things differently or finding some things hard, often people with Autism don't get support or understanding. This can lead to being misunderstood, bullied or excluded. This is because because people don't recognise or understand the condition.


How would you feel if you could not read or see words clearly, or could not understand what people are saying to you because you did not understand the language?

What if you could not hear directions being given to you, because you can hear all the surrounding noise and you could not communicate using your voice?

Imagine you are hungry but the texture or smell of food felt so unpleasant that you did not want to eat?

At our exhibition, with the use of technology and activities, we invite you the young people of Ennis to experience these challenges yourself, and "step into the shoes" of those with Autism.

The exhibition is free to visit and hopefully will open your ideas to the challenges faced by 1 in 100 people in our community:

Thursday 20th October - 10 am -8pm
Friday 21st October - 10 am -3pm

Temple Gate Hotel, Ennis,