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Wayfair Stores EU Bake Sale Raises €1,460.32

Ability West was delighted to receive a generous donation of €1,460.32 from Wayfair Stores Ltd recently. The money was raised as part of an EU Bake Sale competition held by all Wayfair sites in Europe. The site that raised the most money (Galway) won the opportunity to select a charity of their choice to donate all of the proceeds to and we are extremely grateful that they chose Ability West. Our sincere thanks to everyone in Wayfair who participated in and supported the bake sale. This donation will be used towards our ongoing capital programme which includes new builds, extensions and refurbishments of existing buildings, the purchase of essential aids and appliances, specialised equipment for service users and minibuses.

Pictured Left to Right: Martina Ward, Wayfair Finance Dept and Ability West Nominator, and CEO of Ability West, Breda-Crehan Roche