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Upcoming International Conference on Integrated Care

The HSE is involved in hosting a big international conference in UCD in Dublin from May 8th – 10th. The conference is the International Integrated Care Conference (ICIC ’17). The conference is offering bursaries to patients and service users to attend the conference. The bursary will cover the cost of the conference. The descriptors of ‘Person-centred Co-ordinated Care’ will be launched at the conference and there will be a focus on how our health services can be designed and improved in a partnership approach between service users and health staff. The conference will provide a great opportunity to hear about how people are having their voices heard around the world in health service design and it will keep the momentum going for the same here in Ireland.

In order to avail of the bursary, you will need to go to the link below and complete a very short form. Here is the link to apply for the bursaries for the ICIC ’17 conference in Dublin on 8th – 10th May https://goo.gl/forms/w1JBBqzyxHlboOrQ2

The link for information on the conference is http://integratedcarefoundation.org/events/icic17-17th-international-con.... If you have any questions, you can contact Clare Hudson at clare.hudson@hse.ie